21 day fix EXTREME Final results and review


I did my first round of the 21 day fix EXTREME April 13- May 3, 2015. I bought it to clean up my nutrition, get a handle on my portions and to tone up.  I saw so many others being successful so I had to give it a try.  I decided to skip the original 21 day fix because I had already completed Insanity and most of Insanity Max:30 and thought I needed the extra challenge.  I posted a little about each workout below as well as the average calories I burned per workout (based on my garmin viviofit heart rate monitor).  You can read the first part about my journey HERE.


I lost 5 pounds and 2.5 inches in the 21 days.  I followed the meal plan (but I did have cheats, so I was closer to the original 21 day fix meal plan), drank 1 shakeology a day, completed a 30 minute workout every day for 21 days.  Overall I was impressed with this program.  I did not stick to it 100% and was excited about my results.  The meal planning is overwhelming at first but once you get a handle on it’s so easy and adaptable to every day life.  I can see definition in my arms and legs and am fitting into clothes I didn’t think I’d be fitting into until after a 2nd round of this.  I think I may have taken my measurements wrong…

I lost 5 pounds and 2.5 inches in 21 days
I lost 5 pounds and 2.5 inches in 21 days

How was this program being a vegetarian:

So it should be noted that I am a lacto octo- pescetarian (as in I eat some dairy, eggs and fish)  I do not eat red meat, chicken, pig, or turkey.  I think doing the count down to competition (CTC) plan would be a little more challenging as you need to eat a lot of animal based protein throughout your day.  I choose not to do CTC because I didn’t want to eat eggs all day long.  You can do the extreme program as a vegetarian without altering the plan.  I chose to eat beans once a day measured in the yellow and counted as a red, this is NOT according to plan but I still saw great results and you will too even if you count beans as a yellow. I got my reds/protein through eggs, tempeh, greek yogurt, fish, beans (never more than once a day) and drinking shakeology (this is counted as a red) so I felt like I had enough to have a lot of variety.  You can also eat tofu but I have not mastered cooking this and tend to stay away from it.  I also don’t like eating too much soy and have really enjoyed eating tempeh.

Who would I recommend this program to:

Seriously, anyone looking to get results who is already started on their fitness journey.  Anyone looking to get toned in a short amount of time who doesn’t have much time to workout, the workouts are only 30 minutes.  The workouts offer a lot of variety, so you’re never bored and they are challenging.  I chose not to do the Count down to competition track mainly because I thought it would be too hard to get all of my protein (red containers) in for the day without overdosing on tofu and eggs.

21 day fix Extreme is not for beginners.  They have a modifier but she is still jumping and lifting weights and is NOT at a beginner level.  This is probably not for someone who travels a lot as you have to have different sized weights, unless you want to travel with weights.


 The workouts:

Equipment needed:  A set of light, medium and heavy dumbbells.  I started using 3’s and 5’s and upgraded to 8’s the last week.  You will also need a resistance band with handles.  Be aware that the base kit for the 21 day fix does not include this.   It is also recommended you have a yoga mat.

PLYO Fix Extreme:  Lower body workout that uses plyometrics (explosive jumping/resistance moves) to build muscles and torch calories.  Lots of lunges and squats using weights 30 seconds of workouts, 30 seconds of rest. Average calorie burn: 260-300

Upper Fix Extreme: This is a non-stop upper body workout using weights that focuses on chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Average calorie burn: 250-300

Pilates Fix Extreme: You use the resitence band throughout this 30 minute workout focused on the core and basic pilates moves. Average calorie burn: 150-200

Lower Fix Extreme: I think this is one of my favorite workouts in the Extreme.  Lower body workout that targets the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Average calorie burn: 320-330

Cardio Fix Extreme: HIIT (high intensity interval training) using weights. Average calorie burn: 300-325

Dirty 30 Extreme: This is the all over calorie burning workout built around working out multiple muscle groups at once. Average calorie burn: 260-280

Yoga Fix Extreme: Fast paced yoga elongating muscles while working on strength, balance and flexbility. Average calorie burn: 100

The Fix Challenge (Bonus workout if you order through a coach): No weights or resistance bands needed as you build upon a routine of classic moves.  Average calorie burn:  220

The average calorie burn was determined from my garmin viviofit heart rate monitor. Actual calorie burn will vary depending on person completing the exercise, weights used, intensity etc.  Remember adding muscle to your body burns calories long after the workout is over!

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