Surviving the weekend without wrecking all your hardwork

I hear it all the time, as I am saying it to myself a lot as well… weekends are tough.  You plan and stick to plan for the first 5 days and then Friday night hits and everything unravels.  There are several reasons for why you do it and I suggest you look at yourself for the answers as to why you sabotage all of your hard work.  For me, I feel like it’s a time to unwind, celebrate and reward myself for surviving the week.  It sounds silly when you say it out loud but we all think similar thoughts.  Or we tell ourselves, I can have 1 drink…. well that 1 drink turns in to a bottle… or 2 depending on how crazy you feel like getting.

Don’t let this be you!

We are out of our normal routine, surrounded by temptations, we usually haven’t set plan because we don’t know where the weekend will take us. We also tell ourselves “just 1 won’t hurt me” but that quickly turns in to “oh that’s pretty good, I’ve already had 1, what’s wrong with another one” and THEN that turns in to “well I blew my diet… might as well enjoy it”…… sound familiar?  I am going to be doing a 2 part surviving the weekend blog post but wanted to start with my thoughts on surviving the weekend without wrecking all of you hard work.  Will you be perfect all the time?  I hope not.  Will you commit to making healthier choices?  I hope so!

Tips for a healthier holiday weekend
Tips for a healthier holiday weekend

1.  Get your workouts done early.  Schedule your workouts for first thing so you can’t talk yourself out of them.  I know this is a time to sleep in but why can’t you nap later?  Fear you won’t have time… well that’s why you’re getting your workout in so you can’t tell yourself that excuse later!  Plan your workout with a friend!  This is great especially if you’re traveling and are seeing someone you haven’t seen in awhile.  Invite them to workout with you!  I’m not saying bust out your Insanity DVD with your great grandma but take a walk or plan some other fun active outing.  I’ve found more often then not if I include the people I’m spending time with in my activity I’m more likely to get it done and it’s usually A LOT more fun.

Get it done early!
Get it done early!

2. Drink LOTS of water!!! This is when I tend to stray from my water and mistake my thirst for hunger.  Carry your water bottle with you, refill often, add extras (mint, lemon, lime) to jazz it up a bit.  If you are partaking in alcohol- limit and drink water between drinks.  While we’re on the topic of alcohol stay away from sugary drinks (especially those including soda or syrups).  When I was pregnant with Elizabeth I drank flavored seltzer with frozen fruit in fancy glasses so I didn’t feel left out.


3. Plan as best you can for the weekend.  You may not know what you’re doing that weekend or what meals you’re eating so plan your workouts, plan your breakfast or plan some snacks you can easily take with you.  I highly suggest having a backup plan if your plans find you at home, have easy meals on hand that don’t take much prep time. If you aren’t cooking and are at the mercy of someone else cooking all weekend, offer to bring something and then make it a healthy meal you could eat for dinner (see #4).  Things may not go as planned, stay close to plan as possible and let it go if you have some slip ups, no one is perfect.  Trust me the hot dog and potato salad you just ate will not completely undo all of your hard work that week, the faster you get back to plan the better.


4. Bring a healthy main dish you can eat to parties and plan to not go to the party hungry.  Being a vegetarian I am used to always bringing a dish with me so I know I have something I can eat, so I just make sure it’s healthy and that it’s filling!  A simple cold pasta salad can add tons of flavor, fill you up and you can make it healthy.  Try eating a filling snack before the party so you’re not going ravenous and devouring those peanut M&Ms that are in dishes everywhere.  I find a healthy fat (almonds) and fruit fill me up and are satisfying, so throw some peanuts and an apple in your bag on the way out.  Blue diamond almonds containers fit in your cup holder AND their lid is the portion size… I mean how GENIUS is that!

Healthy on the go snack!
Healthy on the go snack! Fit its the car cup holder AND lid is the portion size!

5. Plan for NEXT week THIS week.  I can’t tell you HOW important I think this is if you’re really trying to stay on track.  If you’re out of town on Sunday the LAST thing you are going to want to do is come home and think about what you’re going to eat the rest of the week let alone for that night at dinner.  Just get it done!  Even if you just plan Sunday dinner and all your meals Monday- it’s a HUGE help.  I save all of my meal plans and have several I’ve listed as my Go-To’s of simple but effective meals I’ll pull out when I’m in a time crunch.

Meal Plan with grocery list
Meal Plan with grocery list

5.  Have lots of on the go snacks ready! I’ve mentioned this before but I feel the need to mention it again because I can’t stress it enough!  You either LOVE snacking or you forget to snack, either because you’re so busy and you didn’t plan or maybe you’re “saving” your calories for later that day.  A healthy snack can go a LONG way!  My favorite are nuts, seeds, peanut butter with apples or carrots, string cheese, kind bars, rice cakes with nut butter or shakeology.  Throw them in your bag, plan them in your day and have them ready to grab when hunger strikes and you’re out and about so you don’t buy a snack at the gas station… which I don’t even know about you but I am NOT buying an apple from a gas station as a snack. Grosssssss

6. Do something outside and keep BUSY.  Keep your hands busy with other things other than shoveling food and alcohol in your face…. seems simple enough right?  Not if you’re looking to relax.  Even on unplanned weekends plan SOMETHING, you’ll thank me later.  These days it seems like all we’re doing is rushing around so when we find some time to relax we take it!  So enjoy your downtime if you have it and feel blessed because a lot of us don’t but try and get outside and avoid a netflix marathon on a Saturday afternoon (even though that sounds like HEAVEN). Do something your future self will thank you for!

So, what do you think?  Any of these tips helpful?  This is what I’m thinking about as we gear up for memorial day weekend.  I haven’t been the best with my goals since Sunday so I’m looking to the weekend to buckle down and get serious so I can start Monday with a bang! Here’s to a healthier weekend and taking it 1 day at a time.  I’ll leave you with one of my favorite memes:


One thought on “Surviving the weekend without wrecking all your hardwork

  1. Beth Stewart May 22, 2015 / 12:29 am

    Thanks Katie! Very helpful!


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