21 day fix final results and review

I completed the 21 day fix AFTER doing the 21 day fix extreme program. Why?  Why not?  I bought them together but was just too excited to do the extreme I did them a little out of order.  I was fully prepared to try the 21 day fix for a week and then go back to the extreme because it wouldn’t be a challenge for me.  Boy was I WRONG!  They are 2 different workout systems and the 21 day fix was just as challenging as the extreme for me.  The best part was since I had already completed the extreme I knew how to modify some of the moves to make them HARDER!  Talk about feeling like a badass.  For the most part I stuck to the plan (including my cheats and treats some times in excess).  I made it through a wedding weekend, being at my mom’s house for 6 days and a busy IEP week at work.  Did I stick to plan 100%?  No.  Did I push play when I could and eat according to my goals when I could?  Yes.  I may not have had the jaw dropping results everyone is looking for but I could have thrown in the towel and unraveled all of my hard work so I’m proud of my results and how far I’ve come on this journey.



I lost 1 pound and 3 inches in the 3 weeks, making my total for the 21 day fix regular and extreme 6 pounds and 5.5 inches in 6 weeks.  Not too bad for someone nearing their goal weight!  After not seeing the scale budge before plan I’m completely okay with these results!  The results you can’t see is the increase in energy, confidence, I can do regular push ups and my body is changing visually in ways I didn’t think it could.  The scale isn’t everything and shouldn’t be your only form of measurement for success.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Take your body measurements and focus on how you’re feeling mentally, the weight will take care of itself… whoa off topic a little….

21 day fix real results

What is the meal plan like?

The meal plan can be overwhelming when you first open that book but it takes less than a week to understand and TRUST me it is worth it!  The meal planning guide gives you a list of approved food (based upon clean eating principles) that are REAL, whole foods, not garbage.  It’s easy to create a new lifestyle after a couple of weeks on this plan when you focus on learning it and focus on the feeling you get from cleaning up your diet.

Meal planning is a struggle for everyone but the 21 day fix makes it easier because you already know what types of food you need to eat so you get the fun part of fitting it all in to your day like a puzzle.  My challengers are offered a bonus guide to help with meal planning which includes a meal planner and extra printable workout schedule like this:


Can you do this program as a vegetarian?

Short answer: 100% yes!  See my review of the extreme and being a vegetarian.  Basically the same principles apply as I followed the regular 21 day fix diet plan but did the extreme workouts.  I’m working my way towards finding a balance with my diet but taking baby steps.  I hope to one day do this program without cheats and without high calorie days but until then I”ll take what I can get.  If you need help meal planning shoot me an email (katieknight52210@gmail.com) and we can chat.  I have vegetarian friendly meal plans I’m willing to share with recipes.  You can also check out my RECIPE section on here for some ideas. 

Here’s what beachbody says about vegan and the red container:

What are some good options for the red container for vegans who do not want to eat soy-based intimation meat?

There’s always tofu and tempeh, which are soy, but not that processed imitation stuff. Also, a vegan modification for the Fix is in the works. In the meantime, it’s okay to put beans, lentils, or peas in your red container, but if you do this, make sure to fill some of your yellow container portions with grains so you get complete proteins.

Who would I recommend this program to:

Those who are looking for serious help with their nutrition and want to go more towards clean eating.  This is also a great program for those who are beginning their fitness journey or who want to change up their current routine.  As I said before, I completed the extreme before doing the 21 day fix and I was still able to get my heart rate up and enjoyed the workouts.  

The workouts

Equipment needed:  A set of light, medium and heavy dumbbells.  I started using 5’s and 8’s and upgraded to 10’s for some of the workouts in the last week.  You will also need a resistance band with handles. I suggest getting the resistance band, especially if you travel, you can do most of the workout DVDs with just the bands.  Be aware that the base kit for the 21 day fix does not include this.   It is also recommended you have a yoga mat.  There is a modifier throughout the whole program, hi KAT, so you can follow her if you’re new to working out or if you need a break from the insanity that Autumn brings.  What’s nice about the workouts is you can build up within a workout.  Don’t get discouraged if you can’t finish a workout, look at is as an opportunity to get better and dive in next time with the goal of going further than last time! I’ve included my calorie burn (determined by my garmin vivio fit) so you get an idea of just how great this program is for 30 minute workouts.  Keep in mind that you’re using weights and also building muscle which burns calories even after you’re done working out!

Total Body Cardio Fix:  This is a total body, and it starts out with the hardest move! You’ll need weights and a mat for this workout. Average calorie burn was 280.

Upper Fix:  Using weights or resistance bands focusing on your chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs.  You’ll need weights or a resistance band for this workout.  Average calorie burn was 240 calories

Pilates Fix:  Active recovery day focused on fast paced pilate moves to strengthen your core and elongate your muscles as they recover. Average calorie burn was 160.

Cardio Fix:  This one will get your heart rate up in a bootcamp style workout- no weights needed. Average calorie burn was 270.

Dirty 30:  Using weights through cardio based exercises that will get your heart rate up.  Average calorie burn was 220.

Yoga Fix:  Active recovery day working on your balance, flexibility and strength all while relaxing your tired muscles!

10 minute fix for abs:  Bonus ab workout for those who need a little more

*Calorie burned was found from my heart rate monitor fitness watch, calorie burn is different for everyone, these were my averages over the course of 3 weeks from my workouts.

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