3 day refresh day 1


I just completed the first day of the 3 day refresh. I wanted share some of what I ate and my thoughts.  I’ll do a full review at the end of my 3 days but wanted to document as I went.

What is the 3 day refresh? The short answer: It’s a 3 day cleanse to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, kick some cravins, drop some weight and get a healthy break from bad habits.  The best part is you eat real food that includes protein unlike a lot of juice cleanses which are high in sugar and low in protein.  You drink 3 shakes a day (1 shakeology, 2 vanilla fresh), a fiber sweep, lots of filtered water, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats!

3 day refresh beginning
Planning for the 3 day refresh

Why did I decide to try the 3 day refresh?

Mainly because my biggest struggle is nutrition!  Cravings get the best of me  and when I refocus and have a good week I still reward myself with non-healthy food.  I have mainly gotten a lot of control over my diet but some things creep back up and I was looking for something that would really jumpstart me after having a vacation or bad month.  I wanted to see what it could do for me, I see a lot of people have success with it.  And if it gives me a flatter stomach… all the better!

What preparing did I do?

Most of the prep is already done for you, which is nice.  All I had to do was grab some fresh veggies and fruit.  I used the recipes from the book to make a quick shopping list.  My favorite meal was by far shakeology, I’m already excited to wake up and drink it again.  I pre-cut my veggies so they would be easy to grab and wrote out everything I would be eating so there was no guess work.  It was super simple.  After I’m done I’ll go over everything in more detail.

Weren’t you hungry all day?

Surprisingly, No. The Vanilla fresh was very filling, as was shakeology.  I had my normal afternoon cravings and wanted to raid the fridge but it passed quickly and I CHUGGED water all day long and tried to keep myself as busy as possible.

What was the hardest part:

Honestly, I felt tired starting early afternoon and pretty exhausted after dinner.  Even writing this right now is a struggle and I’m definitely going to bed soon.  It’s hard work cleansing yourself!  I don’t mind the shakes so that makes this cleanse easy and the fiber sweep wasn’t that bad- little gritty and thick but wasn’t horrible.  I’m excited to see what this does for me!

Here are my before photos- see you all in 3 days!



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