3 day refresh Day 3

My final day and by far the easiest day!  My energy returned and my mood was positive.  The cravings were still there but mainly just to eat whatever I wanted to eat.  I had another amazing night of sleep and woke up refreshed.  I’m so excited to share my results with you all tomorrow.

Breakfast:  I did skakeology blended with 1/2 banana while running out the door to go cherry picking with my family!

Morning snack: Fiber sweep.  I brought 8oz of water and mixed my fiber sweep in the fields.  It was fine, I really don’t mind drinking this… at all.  It kept me full until lunch which was a little later since we were out and about.

Lunch: I thought I took a picture but apparently it didn’t go through.  I had 1/4 an avocado with red pepper strips and a little himilayan salt and it was AMAZING.  I also blended the Vanilla fresh with blueberries, added a little cinnamon, nutmeg and pure vanilla extract… it tasted like a blueberry muffin!

Afternoon snack:

Simple clean snacking on the 3 day refresh

Here’s where I noticed a HUGE difference with this program.  I wasn’t starving and I still had energy despite running around in the morning.  My cravings were diminished and I enjoyed every last bit of that garlic hummus!  I may have thrown in an extra carrot but I was chugging water all day long so I think I deserved it.

Final dinner:

3 day refresh dinner day 3

So, I made the Carrot-Seaweed salad that was the recipe in the book and it was AMAZING.  I loved the flavor combination and will definitely be making this again.  I had everything in my house already except the sea-weed and had to hit up Mom’s Organic to find it but I love seaweed and I was dedicated to this program and wanted to try this dish.  It was the perfect ending to this 3 day cleanse!  Of course I pared it with the Vanilla Fresh blended with nutmeg, cinnamon and pure vanilla extract.

I was so glad that my energy was back!  I wasn’t exhausted putting my daughter to bed and was able to run around at the playground with her and her friend.  I was up until almost 10pm working!

My final review I’ll be doing tomorrow including a little about the day after the cleanse and transitioning back to real food.

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