Since having my son, my blog has been MAJORLY neglected.  I moved from a paid platform back to my free platform and I lost a TON of valuable and amazing information.  I have gone back to teaching and time is so valuable that I haven’t been able to focus on this.

If we’re being honest, I haven’t really focused on myself.  I’ve maintained my coach status and run groups here and there but even that became blurred.


I got to work out LIVE with Chris Downing… creator of SHIFT SHOP!!


Well…. I’m back.  A fire got lit in me this past weekend and I made the SHIFT.  This past Saturday I got to meet (and HUG Chris Downing) at beachbody’s post summit plan in DC.  These events are so life changing.  The energy is real and it puts a lot of things in perspective.  You’re around like minded people who love fitness, health,  and are focusing on becoming a better version of themselves. It became clear that I need to focus on ME again and building something that I can share with others to help them on their journey as well.  Though I lost tons of recipes, I still have some great ones saved and I”m planning on building back up my recipe book on here.  I’m hoping to share my journey more.  Share my meal plans.  Invite you to join my challenge groups and join my team of coaches.

Join me on instagram tomorrow!

I’m going to be sharing something tomorrow on Instagram that is super exciting…. I’m going to be doing something I’ve never done and it excites me to no end because I’m going to change the lives of 5 people… what is better than that?!  If you’re not following me on IG, head over there for the announcement!  (https://www.instagram.com/chickenfatbegone).