2B Mindset is here!

2B Mindset was created by Ilana Muhlstein MS, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist), who lost over 100 pounds herself using the 2B Mindset principles. 2B Mindset is a video-based weight-loss program (with no workouts attached to it) that will change your mindset about food, your body, and losing weight all while gaining energy. You will learn how to focus on what you should be eating in order to feel full, satisfied and IN CONTROL.

Here are the basics:

This is a video based weight loss program so you will gain access to videos online to watch when you have time. Each video is Ilana herself walking you through the principles of the program. They are packed with useful tips, tricks and information! You will be tracking what you eat, the time, when/if you went to the bathroom, your weight, your mindset, how much sleep you got and if you worked out that day. This way you can begin to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Tracking and reflection is key to this program. Ilana sets some guidelines for what your day should look like, she calls it the “plate it” system.  By creating visuals of what should be on your plate, for example…. breakfast should be 50% carbs and 50% protein.  She breaks down the food groups and why you need each group and how to get more bang for your buck. Ilana wants you drinking a TON of water, before every meal, before every bite of food and in between meals.  WATER WATER WATER.  Learning that it’s often thirst and not hunger has been such a mind blowing experience for me personally.  Ilana teaches you so many different “sayings” to help you understand how to respond to everyday diet pitfalls… such as is it “hunger or habit”, “more, sure!”. She also goes in to great detail about how to “accessorize” your meals to make them flavorful without being destructive.

The goal is to make this a lifestyle change… to learn what a weight loss day looks like for you and to capitalize on it.  It’s so freeing!

What are the videos like:
21 videos that teach you the principles: The basic food groups you need to know and how they affect your body/mind (WHY you need certain foods at certain times). Plus, real life eating strategies for EVERY eating situation (e.g parties, traveling, restaurants, busy days etc).

5 videos that address common weight loss struggles: How to deal with emotional eating, how to deal with a plateau, what to do if you’ve fallen off track or you gained weight.

15 videos of recipes:  Delicious and EASY recipes, these videos also offer more tips and tricks BEYOND what is in the recipe.

What comes with your 2B Mindset Purchase:

  1. Getting started right guide. This is step by step how to get the program started, you will get a digital copy right away and they will mail you a hard copy.
  2. My go- to guide.  This accompanies the videos for a quick reference tool.  But you should watch the videos, they are SO valuable!  Ilana is truly so motivational and teaches you so many sayings to get your through every situation in life.
  3. 2B Mindset Recipe book.  Over 30 recipes that are EASY and delicious. You will seriously question how you can like some of the vegetables (never thought I would have loved turnips, now they are a staple!).
  4. My tracker.  90 day tracker to help you track your meals and your progress along with other key elements in weight loss (e.g. how much sleep you’re getting, your water intake, if you worked out, if you used the bathroom).  You can also print more tracker sheets for free from the beachbody nutrition site.
  5. Water bottle.  Remember when I said you’ll be focusing on drinking a ton of water…..well a 30z water bottle with motivational quotes comes with the program to help you get your “water first”.
  6. Access to beachbody nutrition +app.  This is where you get all of the information digitally (the videos, the resources etc).  Right now the app is only available for Iphone but they have one for andriods in the works.  Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to the beachbody 2b mindset community!


Can the 2B Mindset program be done with exercise?

ABSOLUTELY! She addresses this in her videos and she refers to exercise as EXTRA CREDIT.  What a positive way to think about exercise!

But what if I hate vegetables?  IMG_20180626_104559_927000

Are there any vegetables that you can tolerate?  Start there and gradually increase what vegetables you like. This means trying new vegetables and trying vegetables cooked in a different way! If you hate steamed Brussels sprouts, maybe you LOVE them roasted…..

You just told me most of the principles, do I need the program?

YES!  Watching the videos there is so much MORE information, it’s truly life changing.

Is the 2B Mindset included in my beachbody on demand already?

No, this is a separate program.  Once you’ve purchased it though you have access to it digitally for life!

How is 2b Mindset different than 21 day fix?

For starters, you do not need your colored containers because there is NO measuring in the 2B Mindset. While there are certain foods that Ilana suggests measuring for the ease of tracking, it is not a necessity. There is also NO work outs that come with this program, remember, working out is extra credit. This is purely a nutrition focused program. 2B Mindset also is not strict like the 21 day fix. While some people thrive off of knowing what and when to eat, 2B Mindset focuses on what works for YOU. Ilana has some suggestions on how to “plate it” so that you will have a “weight loss” day but these are just guidelines. For example, she suggests having most of your plate at dinner being vegetables and the rest protein. However, if you have a couple of potatoes or half a bun, or that glass of wine, you track it and see if you still lose weight the next day… remember how I told you this was so freeing! You do not need to worry about if you have had 3 fruits, 2 yellows and 4 reds, you learn the “plate it” system and WHY you need each food category and you design your own plan.  Also, you can eat guacamole, cheese and hummus in the same day…. no guilt… no measuring.  #jackpot

Where do I get it?!!?IMG_20180626_104836_075000

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, you’re probably wondering the different options and how you can get started. There are several different purchasing options and I want to make sure you have the right one for your needs. Reach out to me (findingmotivationeveryday@gmail.com) or fill out my form and I’ll reach out to you! The form can be found HERE



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I hope you found this helpful and I hope the 2B Mindset will do for you what it has done for me and my teammates already!  I hope to hear from you soon findingmotivationeveryday@gmail.com