CIZE is here!!!

IT’S HERE! It’S HERE! CIZE is ready for purchase!! For everyone who is ordering today beachbody is offering some free incentives for those who order today (bonus CIZE shaker cup for your shakeology and a CIZE wrist band to wipe that sweat off!) As a reminder here is where is included in the challenge pack see below! Click here to order!!

CIZE is here!
CIZE is here!

1. 3 DVDs with 6 dance routines (Plus 2 BONUS workouts- 8 Count Abs to help you build a strong core & “Hold Your Own” which teach you a few go-to moves that you can pull out on the wedding, party, or club dance floor with friends and family!) Bonus DVDs are only available if you order through a coach, like me!
2. A simple-to-follow meal plan that lets you eat the foods you like in the proper portions to help achieve maximum health, energy, and weight loss (those following the FIX can continue using the containers for this group too!).
3. Weekend Survival Guide that gives you the tools to stay on track, even when you’re eating out! Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of a night out on the town, so you can go out and have fun without sabotaging your results!
4. Workout Calendars: A Beginner Calendar where you can rate your dance skills and track your progress and an Advanced Calendar that shows you which dance workout to do each day to lose weight and get your sexy dancer’s body faster!

5. Shakeology: A 30 Day Bulk Bag Supply or 24 Individual Packets Supply (Mix & Match Flavors) or your choice of Shakeology. Flavors include: Vegan Chocolate), Vegan Tropical Strawberry, Regular Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Greenberry.

The price is $140 until the end of August and then it will jump up to $160 . If you’re already receiving shakeology and want to see about just the program, send me an email ( and we’ll talk! Let me know if you have questions! Here’s the link:

Order through my link or by clicking on the picture above and you’ll be signed up to be your coach and you can join my accountability challenge group and be the first ones to test the program next Monday!  If you’re already working with a coach, contact them and if you don’t know if you have a coach, shoot me an email and I can help you (

Cize to launch July 20th

Cize Test Group forming now
Cize Test Group forming now

I have to admit that I am a HUGE Shaun T fan, nobody gets my motivated to do more then that man!  I’ve done most of Insanity and I’m almost done with Insanity Max 30 and I WILL be doing Cize when it launches on July 20th!  If you love to have fun, love to dance or looking to step out of your comfort zone  (in your own home I might add) join my test group for Cize!

I’ve done the sneak peak workout through on demand and it is FUN! I burned over 400 calories in 40 minutes… from dancing!  I was sore the next day and am so ready to take a break from doing burpees, lunges and push ups!

Email me so we can get your added to my sneak peak group where you’ll get all the latest information on Cize, as it comes out! (