Stick with it tip

I listen to a lot of podcasts on my drive to and from work.  I’ve been in to Shaun T’s Define your Life recently (mainly because I love everything that man puts out!).  I listened to his podcast regarding FOOD last night and I had several ah-ha moments about why I have been so successful in sticking with my clean eating plan.  Don’t force yourself to eat healthy food because it’s healthy… find food you enjoy and create a healthy version or find healthy foods you love and stick with this.  You can often create a certain type of food in several different ways if you’re starting to get bored.  This seems so simple and easy but it really is why it’s so easy to adapt to a healthy life style:

Enjoy your food!
Enjoy your food and you’ll never diet again

10 Tips to Stay on Track over the Holiday Weekend

Here are 10 tips to help you stay on track over the July 4th Holiday Weekend.  You worked hard, don’t let a weekend unravel all of that work.  Enjoy yourself and remember that a few slip ups won’t destroy your goals.  Monday is a day we can start fresh and get back to our routines. I

Staying on track through July 4th

Remember, these are just some ideas.  Plan ahead if you’re trying to stay committed.  Make healthier choices when you have the opportunity too and stay active. What are some healthy tips you have found that have worked for you in the past? Please share!

Have a fun and safe holiday!

How to pit a cherry like a boss

How to pit cherries like a boss without a cherry picker
How to pit cherries like a boss without a cherry picker

So, we went cherry picking this past weekend and picked 6 1/2 pounds of sweet cherries.  That doesn’t even count the many we ate right off the trees in the fields… a benefit of picking your own.  I haven’t decided what I want to do with these sweet treats yet but I know that it involves pitting them all which takes FOREVER and I don’t have a cherry picker.  I saw somewhere that you can use a straw but thought it would break so I decided to use my hard plastic straw from my water cup and it worked like a dream!  I didn’t mention this in the video but wash your fruit before doing this and wash your hands!  Also, don’t wear white… this is a messy job.

The final product! Took me 30 minutes to pit 6 1/2 pounds of sweet cherries


You can see that you don’t waste a lot of the cherry which is also amazing!  Remember don’t wear white when you do this because it’s messy!! Now… what should I do with these cherries?!!?


Meal planning

Meal planning is probably one of the hardest part of any healthy lifestyle change.  It can be time consuming and overwhelming and for the most part it is NOT fun.  Thankfully I like to eat the same thing over and over so it makes planning a little easier when I can plan my leftovers.   When I’m meal planning I pull out all of my old plans and nutrition guides to make it easier.

meal plan quick tip

I just wanted a share a quick tip regarding meal planning. I try and get my meals planned the week BEFORE so that it’s DONE. Also, make your shopping list while you’re making your plan, seems like common sense but trust me people try to wing it in the store and are not prepared.

We travel a lot on the weekends and  I work Sunday afternoons and don’t always have time to hit the store up on Sunday (though I try really hard to make time).  One of the biggest excuses I hear is I don’t have time to plan my meals.  Having the plan done is half the battle, the other half is cooking and preparing the meals. Suck it up and get it done, it makes life SOOOO much easier to be prepared as possible.  That hour you’re watching TV in the evening…. open pinterest and find 1 new recipe for next week.   Write down what you need and add it to your planner.

Oh, and while we’re talking tips… print out a bunch of planners ahead of time so they are ready!  Or maybe you’re ahead of times and doing it digitally.. great!  I suggest saving all the different meal plans so you can go back and reference them. AHH so many great ideas I should actually write a better blog post about meal planning… hmmm… more to come!

What are some tips you have for making meal planning easier?