Why did I become a beachbody coach?

In February 2015 I became a beachbody coach primarily for the 25% discount on their products but now I’m purely in it for the community.  I’m a part of a team that is supportive, fun and full of passion. I have always loved helping others, hello- special education teacher- and coaching is another outlet to further motivate and support others who are on the same journey as me as well as to hold myself accountable to become a healthier version of myself.

Summit 2018 

Beachbody places a HUGE emphasis on personal development, something I have NEVER explored before.  I started by reading the Comfound Effect by Darren Hardy and it changed my life.  Its completely applicable to every aspect of your life that you are looking to improve.  It made me a better mother, wife, friend, co-worker, supervisor, sister, daughter and business entrepreneur.  It refocused me on my health goals and got me excited about my potential.

I bought P90x3 back in August of 2014 and lost 13 pounds and 12 inches in 90 days.  I loved the workouts and the accountability throughout the 90 day program.  My nutrition was not on point though but I still had energy and was enjoying the variety of the workouts.  I loved the MMX workout in P90x3 and decided that I wanted to buy Les Mills Combat as an in- between program before I started Insanity in January.  I can not say enough good things about Les Mills combat, this program made fitness FUN!  I looked forward to the workouts and while I didn’t complete the program it held me through the holiday and I noticed a difference in my arms from all the punches!  I did 6 weeks of Insanity in January into February before a wedding in Key West.  Insanity is CRAZY and I fell in LOVE with Shaun T!  His energy and workouts pushed me to a place I didn’t know was possible.  I don’t know why but Shaun T got to me, he made me understand that I could do this.

After trying shakeology for awhile and being a part of a private coach team on facebook, I decided to see what other opportunities being a coach could offer me, despite being VERY skeptical.  I joined a new coach training that showed you the ins and outs of the business aspect of coaching, it was fun and I saw all the wonderful materials that were available to help others as well as myself reach my health goals.  I decided that week that I wanted to learn more and completed all of the assignments.

What does coach mean?

It means I use and love beachbody products!  It means I get to know my friend’s and family’s fitness and health goals and I get to connect with people I’ve never met before but who share the same passion to help others.  It means I get a 25% discount.  It means I can explore the world of running private challenge groups around beachbody fitness programs and nutrition to help support and motivate those who have purchased these items on team beachbody.

My team with the creator of LIIFT 4, Joel Freeman

It means I have a little more financial freedom.  I’m not sure where the world of coaching will take me but it’s fun for now and I’m loving connecting and helping others! I educate others on the products that I’m already using.  The beauty of coaching, it’s different with everyone.  If I’m not running a group that will help you, I’ll find one and join in it with you to help and support you along.  I’ll help you find recipes and problem solve your biggest struggles and celebrate your every day successes with you.  I will hold you accountable and will check in with you for as long as you want.  I can do all of this for you but YOU have to be the one that makes the changes and step up to the challenge.  You have to put in the work, I can’t do that for you.

I believe there is a beachbody program for almost everyone.  If you want to talk about what program might be right for you, how I can save you money or if you have questions about becoming a coach on my team (YES!) please contact me through my blog or email me (

You are capable of so much more than you realize and this opportunity could be life changing!

Team work makes the dream work

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