My story

My name is Katie, I live between DC and Baltimore, I’ve been married since 2010 and we had our first child, Elizabeth in 2013.IMG_20150805_075428

I lost almost 60 pounds in 2014-2015 through clean eating, beachbody challenge groups and drinking a shake every day.  I became a coach in January of 2015 for the discount and to hold myself accountable to my goals all while helping others achieve theirs.  I believe beachbody has a program for everyone and I want everyone to have the type of support and motivation that led me to be so successful.  I’m a busy mom who is currently working 3 jobs and still find quality time to balance a healthy lifestyle, my family, friends and maintain a fun social life.  Throughout this journey I’ve learned that balance is the key to everything in life, balanced nutrition, balance fitness/movement, balance in your social life across family, friends and vacation.  You have to learn to enjoy everything in moderation and I mean everything!

I’ve done P90x3, Les Mills Combat, Insanity, Insanity Max:30 and 21 day fix & Extreme.  I also use Beachbody On Demand so I’m able to stream 11 of their programs.  I’ve checked out Turbo fire and PiYo.

My history

I’ve always enjoyed fitness.  I played basketball year round in middle and high school and did track and field and softball to stay in shape during the down times in between basketball season and summer camps. I would have never considered myself fit in high school and my diet was definitely that of a typical teenager.  I remained active in college through home workout DVDs (tae bo!) and walking but I wasn’t “active” enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I gained weight in college as soon as I stopped playing the sports I was in high school.  I was drinking and eating A LOT and not as active.  My weight gain was pretty steady throughout college and I reached over 200 pounds after moving to the Baltimore area in 2005.  I was in a town where I only knew 1 other person so I naturally was going out to happy hours every chance I had to meet new people.  Bar food and drinking got the best of me and to top it all off I was NOT working out.  At all. Recipe for a disaster!  In 2006 I was disgusted with myself and decided I needed to change.  I joined weight watchers and started going to meetings every week. Once I dropped 20 pounds I started running as a way to drop weight fast.  Boy did it work!  I lost 50 pounds with running and weight watchers and became a life time member at weight watchers.  I was running races, 5ks and even completed 2 half marathons in 2009.  I felt on top of the world!  Even though I was doing weight watchers and running I never truly learned how to eat right and the weight slowly started to creep back on.  Althought weight watchers worked for me… it never taught me HOW and WHAT to eat to feel good and maintain a healthy life.  Running became an addiction and I loved the stress relief, the social aspect of running with others and the race atmosphere. I moved again in 2009 back to PA to plan a wedding and was uprooted again. Fitness took a back seat as I planned the wedding, was living away from my fiance and was working at a highly stressful job that I didn’t like.  After the wedding I moved back to Maryland and immediately started a new job in a new location of Maryland, not really near my friends and to top it all off  I had an hour and half to 3 hours commute 1 way depending on traffic.  Not the most ideal situation.  I had no time to focus on nutrition and fitness as I was in the car or working for that first year.  I gained probably 15 pounds that year. I even joined weight watchers online again thinking that would help but I missed the meetings and ended up quitting after a few months.

We bought a townhouse closer to both of our jobs and found out we were pregnant!!  While it was an exciting time I was in no shape to start working out again and knew I needed to change my nutrition.  I started walking (when I wasn’t suffering from morning sickness) and made healthier food choices.  My pregnancy was by no means the healthiest time in my life but I was eating a little better.  I managed to gain almost 50 pounds during the pregnancy! I actually wasn’t worried about it, I was expecting a high weight gain.  20 pounds came off as soon as she was born in 2013 and I found myself sliding back to my unhealthy eating habits again.  I became a stay at home mom in August 2013 and was faced with being home around temptations every day and no one around.

My turning point:  I saw a picture of my daughter and I in October 2013 and I still looked pregnant even though my daughter was 10 months old.  I stepped on the scale again and saw that I was 216!!  This was in January of 2014 and I knew I needed to be the one to make the change, for myself so that I could raise my daughter the way she deserved to be raised.  I started drinking herbalife shakes and tracking what I was eating in myfitness pal.  I dropped 20 pounds in a little over 2 months and started working out again.  I started doing free bikinibody mommy workouts on youtube 5 days a week.  I liked the structure and the workouts were challenging in a good way.  It reintroduced me to fitness and I looked forward to those workouts EVERY day.

I hit a plateau in June 2015 and started looking for other home workout systems to do and came across beachbody.  I had heard of p90x and insanity and knew they were for the extreme but I reached out to a coach to find out what else they offered. At this point I was down 40 pounds and looking for a bigger challenge.  I started p90x3 in August and completed it in November.  You can read about my transformation HERE but I dropped 11 pounds and I felt AMAZING!  I had just completed an elite workout system that not everyone can. I felt confident and ready to take on anything.  I joined a free clean eating challenge and learned how to clean up my diet.  I did some of insanity… some of les mills combat throughout the holidays where my eating got off track.  I completed most of Insanity in January/February and started drinking shakeology.  At the end of February I wore a bikini for the first time in my life in Key West.  I knew this was the beginning of a wonderful lifestyle with beachbody.

I became a coach for the discount, I was drinking shakeology and doing their workout programs so it seemed natural.  I quickly saw the opportunity within beachbody… I could keep myself accountable… be at the cutting edge of new research backed fitness and nutrition programs… help my friends and family discover a healthier lifestyle all while continuing on my own journey and being compensated.  It was a life changing experience and I haven’t second thought my decision once. In March 2015 I started actively coaching and running my own groups all by sharing my story… my journey.  People found me inspiring and I found motivation from that.  I completed the 21 day fix extreme and IT CHANGED MY LIFE in regards to how I eat.  I always thought I ate healthy and wasn’t bad with my portions until I started that program. I completed the original 21 day fix and Insanity Max 30 in the summer of 2015.   I lost 10 more pounds over the summer bringing me to a total of 56 pounds in  18 months. My journey isn’t over… I have a lifelong love for learning and my biggest project is health.

I’m here to share recipes, nutrition and fitness tips and general knowledge I’ve learned along the way.  I hope to support and motivate those who are on the same or similar journey that I am to find motivation every day !  I try and meal plan and prep as much as I possibly can but I struggle in this area so I’m always looking to find and share new tips and tricks to make this easier.  I plan to share what I learn in this blog in hopes that it will help someone else on their journey to a better life. If you need some extra support of have questions please email me ( anytime and I’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

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