P90x3 Results

So, I completed P90x3 back in November 2014 but I wasn’t blogging then so I thought I should still share my results for anyone who is looking at that program.  This was my first beachbody program to complete.  I was originally looking at T25 because I wanted the cardio but I really like lifting weights and wanted a short program that used weights.  I had hit a plautu at the end of summer last year and hadn’t lost weight in 3 months, I needed a change but as a working mom I didn’t have much time. Tony Horton is a genius!  30 minute workouts from my home that offered a lot of variety so I was never bored! I did find I had to mute the TV sometimes because his constant talking got to be annoying but he was motivational and I did get great results!   I do NOT like pull ups or push ups so I struggled through those.

My Results:

I lost 13.1 pounds and a little over 11 inches!  My diet was not that great so I was thrilled with these results!  What is not shown in these pictures is how my mindset changed during these 90 days. I mean, I completed p90x3!  That is not an easy feat!!!  My confidence went way up not only because I was feeling better but because I was accomplishing something that I never thought I could do!  Below I’ll share my pictures and measurements.

Before picture and measurements

p90x3 before
p90x3 before

After 90 days of P90x3

P90x3 results after 90 days

Who would I recommend this program to:

Honestly, the program was wonderful! This program is perfect for someone who wants to strengthen and tone.  If you’re serious about busting through a plateau (hello same weight for like 3 months last year!) and/or are super busy, this program is perfect!  Pair it with the right nutrition and it will add muscles and lean you out!  Tony Horton does a good job of breaking down the moves but you need some knowledge of working out.  I would say this is geared more towards intermediate to advanced fitness people. It’s only 30 minutes a day (so everyone has time!) and the workouts offer lots of variety which I’ll briefly explain below (this information is from the beachbody on demand website- which if you’re a club member the entire program is available!!).  Interested in learning more, just ask!!

 Brief description of the many workouts available on the P90x3 program:

CVX– Resistance is combined with intervals to give you a full body cardio burn.  This is cardio with weights!  You will need a medicine ball OR dumbbells

Cold Start: This is an optional 12 minute warm up if you have some extra time.  Tony Horton does do a short work out before every workout but the cold start is good if you need a little extra time to workout and get ready mentally.

X3 Ab Ripper- 15 minute AB work with no equipment

Total Synergistics- Full body resistance workout using dumbbells and chin up bar.

Agility X- Working aerobic & anaerobic energy working on flexibility, balance and strength.

Triometrics- Working on speed and power doing PLYO workouts… I LOVED this work out

X3 Yoga-A fast paced yoga working on flexibility and balance.

Pilates- A decent home workout Pilates that challenges your core and increased flexibility and stabilize joints.

The challenge-  Upper body using chin up bar or resistance bands- LOTS of push ups and pull ups!!

Incinerator- Full cardio using dumbbells and a chin up bar or resistance band

MMX- This is my FAVORITE!  It’s a martial art based cardio workout with punching and kicking.

The warrior- One size fits all

Isometrics- Working on balance through yoga like moves, no equipment needed

Dynamix- Increase range of motion, flexibility, and stabilization to help your body get ready to move athletically.

Decelerator-  A lot of jumping around working on going strong and then DECELERATING.

Accelerator- Another favorite.  Huge fat burner no equipment needed

Eccentric Upper- Upper body using dumbbells, chin up bar or resistance band and pushups

Eccentric Lower- LEG DAY!

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